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Have you heard of "Crowdsourcing"? It's the latest tool for getting project funding by using the power of social media. By way of sites like IndieGoGo, the most amazing projects are getting funding. So I thought, "Why not Fontage?"

Join with me in the rebuilding of Fontage. I have over 25,, 31,500 fonts (someone just gave me a disk with 6,500 fonts—OY!) to sort thru, to add to Fontage. Some are duplicates, but an amazing number are not. I have a lot of additional material to add: history of fonts and typefaces, designers, foundries, all sorts of fun stuff.

Fontage was the first website to sort true type fonts, and have images of the letters and numbers.

Help me bring Fontage current!
Fund me, baby! Fund me!

The Fontage matching game, silly thing that it is, is here for your enjoyement.

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