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L Fonts

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Some fonts appear more than once as they fall into more than once category. You may want that particular font, or you may say, "What else is there?"

Font Name Copyright Owner Category
LA EL2 Will Softwareentwicklung Back To School
Lady Starlight "Larabie Fonts Computer font
Lakeshore Drive "Nick Curtis Era of the Automobile
Lansbury "Allen R. Walden Art Deco
Lapidary333 Blk BT Bitstream Serif Transitional
Lapidary333 BT Bitstream Serif Transitional
LaserLondon None given Black Letter
Las VegasD URW Early 20th Century
Las VegasD URW Shadow and 3D
Late Nite "Dieter Schumacher Art Deco
LatinWidD URW Headlines
LatinWidD URW Serif Latin
Latin Xcond BT Bitstream Serif Latin
Laura McCrary "Jim Pearson Hand Drawn
Laura McCrary "Jim Pearson Art Deco
Lauren Script "Mike Allard for DeNada Script Informal
Lava Lava "Cheops Difficult to read
Lucida Blackletter "Bigelow & Holmes Black Letter
Lucida Bright "Bigelow & Holmes Serif Transitional
Lucida Calligraphy "Bigelow & Holmes Calligraphy
LCR Autumn "LeChefRene Thanksgiving and Harvest
LCR Autumn Harvest "LeChefRene Food Drink Cooking
LCR Autumn Harvest "LeChefRene Thanksgiving and Harvest
LCR Autumn "LeChefRene Trees Leaves Branches
LCR Fright Frames "LeChefRene Frames n Borders
LCR Fright Frames "LeChefRene Halloween & Scary Stuff
LCR LeChef "LeChefRene Food Drink Cooking
LCR Party Hardy "LeChefRene New Year Celebrations
Learning Curve Dashed "Blue Vinyl Back To School
Learning Curve Dashed "Blue Vinyl Script Informal
Learning Curve "Blue Vinyl Back To School
Learning Curve "Blue Vinyl Script Informal
L (ledfont) "Peter S. Bryant Computer font
Lee "D Rakowski Shadow and 3D
Lefty None given Seriously Scribbly
Lemiesz "D Rakowski Paint Brush
Leprechaun Hats Artsy Lady St Patrick's Day
Lesser Concern "Larabie Fonts Calligraphy
Lesser Concern Shadow "Larabie Fonts Calligraphy
Lesser Concern Shadow "Larabie Fonts Shadow and 3D
Letter Gothic 12 Pitch BT Bitstream Typewriter
Let's Eat "Larabie Fonts Food Drink Cooking
Lucida Fax "Bigelow & Holmes Serif Slab
Lucida Handwriting "Bigelow & Holmes Cursive Handwriting
Libby None given Script Informal
LibertyD URW Headlines
LibertyD URW Serif Small
Liberty BT Bitstream Art Nouveau
Liberty BT Bitstream Script Informal
Libra BT Bitstream Calligraphy
Libra BT Bitstream Celtic Fonts
Librarian None given Serif Oldstyle
Lichtner "S.G. Moye Serif Small
Lights None given Headlines
Lights None given Sans Serif Grotesque
Lilith Plain "D Rakowski Ornamental
Lincoln Corel Black Letter
Linear-B "Curtis Clark Ancient Fonts
Runes & Heiroglyphs
MS LineDraw Microsoft Serif Misc.
MS LineDraw Microsoft Specialty Symbols
Lintsec "D Rakowski Stencil
Liquidism "Pizzadude Drips Drops Blobs n Bubbles
Lisbjerg "Listemageren Ancient Fonts
Runes & Heiroglyphs
Little Deuce Coupe "Nick Curtis Era of the Automobile
Little Deuce Coupe "Nick Curtis Shadow and 3D
Little People "Steven J. Ludeen Historical & Gaming Dingbats
Little None given General Dingbats
Lucida Math Symbols "Bigelow & Holmes Specialty Symbols
Lucida Math Italic "Bigelow & Holmes Specialty Symbols
Lucida Math Extensions "Bigelow & Holmes Specialty Symbols
LMS America LSF "London Stokes Stars & Stripes
LMS Celtic Wedding "London Stokes Celtic Fonts
LMS Colorguard Girl "London Stokes Collegiate
LMS Egyptian Bookends "London Stokes Historical & Gaming Dingbats
LMS New Cheerleader "London Stokes Collegiate
LMS Paperwork "London Stokes Back To School
LMS Paperwork "London Stokes Letterbat
LMS Paperwork "London Stokes Office Supplies
LMS Post Thanksgiving Shopping "London Stokes Thanksgiving and Harvest
LMS Puritan Party Hats "London Stokes Thanksgiving and Harvest
LMS Puritan Party Hats "London Stokes Letterbat
LMS School Girl Crush "London Stokes Valentine's Day
LMS School Spirit "London Stokes Collegiate
LMS Secured Nation "London Stokes Stars & Stripes
LMS Star Spangled "London Stokes Stars & Stripes
LMS Turkey Day "London Stokes Thanksgiving and Harvest
LMS Turkey Day "London Stokes Letterbat
Lockergnome "Larabie Fonts Famous Fonts
Locus Knots "Matt Chisholm Outline
Locus Knots "Matt Chisholm Rounded and Curved
Locus Text "Matt Chisholm Rounded and Curved
Logger "D Rakowski Trees Leaves Branches
Lokicola Utopiafonts Headlines
Lotus Line Draw Lotus Serif Misc.
Lotus Line Draw Lotus Specialty Symbols
Lombardic George Williams Blackletter Informal
Lost Wages "Nick Curtis Era of the Automobile
Lost World "Shrine of Isis
Tom Cosgriff
Lost World "Shrine of Isis
Tom Cosgriff
Bugs Fish Mammals Birds
Lotharus "Omega Font Labs Blackletter Informal
Lotus Flower "FuelFonts Balloon Print
Lotus Flower "FuelFonts Late 20th Century Techno
Lounge "dincType Handwriting with Serifs
Lounge "dincType Handwriting with Serifs
Love Letters "Pizzadude Valentine's Day
Love Parade "Dieter Schumacher Late 20th Century Techno
Love Parade Outline "Dieter Schumacher Outline
Love Parade Outline "Dieter Schumacher Late 20th Century Techno
Lower-East Side "D Rakowski Built or Constructed
Lower-East Side "D Rakowski Outline
Lower-WestSide "D Rakowski Fire and Ice
Wind and Rain
Lucida Sans "Bigelow & Holmes Sans Serif Humanist
Lucida Sans Typewriter "Bigelow & Holmes Sans Serif Humanist
Lucia BT Bitstream Script
Lucian BT Bitstream Serif Transitional
Lucky Font "Melle Derieppe Claude St Patrick's Day
Lucky Font "Melle Derieppe Claude Letterbat
Lucida Console "Bigelow & Holmes Sans Serif Humanist
Lumparsky None given Regular Felt Pen
Lunch "Anthem Type Outline
Lunch "Anthem Type Shadow and 3D
Lucida Sans Unicode "Bigelow & Holmes Sans Serif Humanist
Luxembourg None given Black Letter
Luxembourg None given Calligraphy
Lydian BT Bitstream Sans Serif Humanist
Lydian Cursive BT Bitstream Calligraphy
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