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M Fonts

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Some fonts appear more than once as they fall into more than once category. You may want that particular font, or you may say, "What else is there?"

Font Name Copyright Owner Category
Mountain Dew "SharkShock" Food & Beverage Logo Fonts
Madden Football Bitstream Games Toys & Computer Games
Mary Tyler Moore Bitstream TV and Movies
Murder She Wrote "Allen R. Walden" TV and Movies
Machiavelli None given Sans Serif Geometric
Machine Script "Mike Allard for DeNada" Cursive Handwriting
MacHumaine Bill Horton Calligraphy
Madison Avenue "Bob Ostrander" Art Deco
Mad Magazine "Harold Lohner" Comics Magazines Newspapers
Mad Font "Harold Lohner" Victorian Woodcut
Madrid None given Art Deco
Magdeburg "Scriptorium" Blackletter Informal
Magdeburg "Scriptorium" Medieval Fonts
(1100 to 1450)
Magdelena "Scriptorium" Blackletter Informal
MageHunter "Dieter Schumacher" Exotic or Ethnic Influences
Magic Cards "Neale Davidson Medieval Fonts
(1100 to 1450)
Magic School One "Font Mesa Blackletter Informal
Magic School Two "Font Mesa Blackletter Informal
Malache crunch "Larabie Fonts Dotted Pointed Striped Xed
Malagua Demo "Scriptorium Pirates!
Malagua Demo "Scriptorium Renaissance
MandarinD URW Far East Influences
Maple Leaf "Melle Derieppe Claude Trees Leaves Branches
Map Symbols Map Info Corp NY NY Maps and Roads
MaraigeD URW Black Letter
MardiGras Howard J. Strodtman Victorian
marionsberries None given Food Drink Cooking
marionsberries None given Trees Leaves Branches
Markab "Michael H. Lee and Josh Dixon Science Fiction
Matador "Dixie's Delights Fiesta! Latin American
Matura MT Script "Monotype Imaging (MT) Calligraphy
Matura MT Script "Monotype Imaging (MT) MidEast Influences
Mayan Fontmagaren Native American
Mazama James M. Harris Victorian
Mechoba "Cheops Rounded and Curved
Medusa SHAREWARE Calligraphy
Medusa SHAREWARE MidEast Influences
Medusa SHAREWARE Art Nouveau
Menuetto "Keith Field Calligraphy
Mephisto(tm) "Scriptorium Far East Influences
Merlin Corel Calligraphy
Messaround "dincType Comic & Movie Text
Messkit "dincType Broken Disjointed Distressed Grunge
Metal Lord "Larabie Fonts Angular and Bent
Metroliner "J. Macagba Headlines
Metroliner "J. Macagba Outline
Metroliner "J. Macagba Victorian Woodcut
MetropolitainesD URW Victorian
Mexican ornaments Fontmagaren Native American
Mexican ornaments Fontmagaren Ancient Fonts
Runes & Heiroglyphs
mexlar "Cumberland Fontworks Science Fiction
Marraige "Digital Typeface Corp (DTC) Black Letter
Mural Script "Digital Typeface Corp (DTC) Script Informal
MICR 010/012/013 BT Bitstream Specialty Symbols
MicrogrammaD Bold Ext URW Sans Serif Geometric
MicrogrammaD MedExt URW Sans Serif Geometric
Micro Microcom BBS Sans Serif Geometric
Middleton Penguin Productions Art Deco
Mercury Marine "Font Mesa Cars Motorcyles and other Vehicles
Milano Esselte Letraset Calligraphy
Milano Esselte Letraset Shadow and 3D
Milkdrops cold "Dieter Schumacher Drips Drops Blobs n Bubbles
MilkyWay "anke-art Dotted Pointed Striped Xed
Milton Burlesque "Nick Curtis Art Deco
Miami Nights "Francis X. Mahoney Broadway
Minbari "Michael H. Lee and Josh Dixon Science Fiction
Minbari2 "Michael H. Lee and Josh Dixon Science Fiction
Minim ExtraBold "Paul LLoyd Medieval Fonts
(1100 to 1450)
Minim Outline ExtraBold "Paul LLoyd Medieval Fonts
(1100 to 1450)
Minim Outline ExtraBold "Paul LLoyd Outline
Minya "Larabie Fonts Handwriting with Serifs
Mirarae BT Bitstream Serif Modern
Mirisch teh (sig inside font) Handwriting with Serifs
Miss Brooks "Mike Allard for DeNada Script Informal
Misirlou Day "Larabie Fonts Outline
Misirlou Day "Larabie Fonts Difficult to read
Misirlou "Larabie Fonts Difficult to read
Mkt Bold Plain David29R Regular Felt Pen
Mlurmly "Larabie Fonts Difficult to read
Monkey Chunks John Martz Beatnik
Monkey Chunks John Martz Caveman Printing
Mobile Infantry "Iconian Science Fiction
Mobster "FuelFonts Drips Drops Blobs n Bubbles
Mobsters "SharkShock Sans Serif Miscellaneous
Modern 735 BT Bitstream Serif Transitional
Macy's None given Companies & Restaurants
Moderne None given Sans Serif Geometric
Modius 'Frigid' HypoTypo Fire and Ice
Wind and Rain
Modern20BT Bitstream Serif Modern
Monica's Dress "FishDicks Drips Drops Blobs n Bubbles
Monotony None given Sans Serif Miscellaneous
Monterey Popsicle "Nick Curtis Era of the Automobile
Moon Phases "Curtis Clark Metaphysical Fonts
Moon Phases "Curtis Clark Specialty Symbols
Mordred Paul Reid Medieval Fonts
(1100 to 1450)
Morpheus "Kiwi Media Blackletter Informal
Morpheus "Kiwi Media Medieval Fonts
(1100 to 1450)
mortbats "Jim Morton General Dingbats
Mostly Waves "J. Macagba Animals and Nature
Motley "Scriptorium Blackletter Informal
Motrhead Grotesk "Rotodesign Paint Brush
MotterFemD URW FlowerPower 60s-70s
Movieboard "Dieter Schumacher TV and Movies
Movie Time "Dieter Schumacher TV and Movies
Mr Earl BT Bitstream Really Neat Printing
Monotype Corsiva "Monotype Imaging (MT) Calligraphy
MT Extra Design Science Inc. Arrows Lines Boxes
MT Sorts "Monotype Imaging (MT) General Dingbats
Mumbo Jumbo NF "Nick Curtis FlowerPower 60s-70s
Muriel None given Script Informal
Murray Hill Bd BT Bitstream Script Informal
Musicals "Brain Eaters Music:Notes & Instruments
Musicals "Brain Eaters Victorian
Music DBZ "Divide by Zero &
Tom Murphy 7
Difficult to read
Music Elements "Manfred Klein Music:Notes & Instruments
Musicians "Manfred Klein Music:Notes & Instruments
Musicians One "Manfred Klein Music:Notes & Instruments
Musicians Two "Manfred Klein Music:Notes & Instruments
Music Instruments "Manfred Klein Music:Notes & Instruments
Mylai Tamil Dr. Kalyanasundaram Indian & South Asian
Mythology1 "Steven J. Ludeen Historical & Gaming Dingbats
Minnesota Vikings "SharkShock Sports Teams
Minnesota Timberwolves "Larabie Fonts Sports Teams
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