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Matt Chisholm
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Matt Chisholm runs Matt's Fonts, which apparently disappeared for a while. His opening page says "Mattt's Fonts has been resurrected." I'm glad, as it's very sad when I go hunting a designer based on a fifteen-year-old readme file and find out the website is gone and the designer can't be found. Fourteen-year-old links, yes; website, no. So Here's Matt! When I wrote to him about offering downloads for his fonts, he requested that people be sent to his site. So the link here is to the starting page for his free fonts.

I didn't intend to do all of Matt's fonts at one time. But as I opened each one, I said "Yes, gotta include this." Matt's fonts stretched some of my category descriptions to the limit. And then there's the last one. Underlapped. I had to create a whole new category for it. Under Novelty is a new category called "Say What?" If you've got a better title, I'd sure like to hear it.

Download from Matt's website!

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