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Why would you want to send me email?

You want to tell me my page is wonderful
By all means do so!! Send it to Fan Mail.
You don't like ads
Well, actually I don't either, but the money is useful. The cats insist on being fed. And I didn't put ads back on until they could be somewhat discreet. (NO popups, flashing banners, crazed and irrational warnings (be afraid, be very afraid), or things that slide across the screen and can't be turned OFF! Peeved much?) You can shrink your browser or slide it over to the right on your screen and not see the ads at all.
Links don't or images aren't (aka Broken Links)
If a link from one place in Fontage to another place in Fontage gets you the "Dreaded 404 Error" page, let me know: Broken Link email. And please tell me what page you found it. Jan, you've a lovely person and I thank you for the Broken Link email, but I have 1800 pages on this site. And a day job. You know where it is. Tell me, don't make me hunt for it.
Constructive criticism
If you don't like the way I've done something, give me a Helpful Suggestion for fixing it. I'm always open to suggestions. If all you want to do is complain, send email to Fontage Complaint Department and I will give it all the attention it deserves. Actually, right at this moment, complaints@ doesn't exist. I was getting strange replies to email that supposedly originated from complaints@. Someone is spoofing that address to send spam.
I can't down load a file
If the font is downloadable (see downloadability), send me email: Download problem. Include the name of the font, what you did and what the computer did or did not do at that time, including the exact wording of any error messages (or that there weren't any error messages).
The zip file won't unzip
Send email to File won't unzip with the name of the font, the name of the zip file, what software you're using to unzip my file and the exact wording of any error messages you get (or that there weren't any error messages). Some of these zip files actually unzip into a subdirectory, so you may have to look in different places for it.
The font won't work on my machine
There's a couple of reasons why a font won't work. One is that the file is corrupt. I might have another copy around here somewhere. The other is that the font won't work on that particular system. I have several fonts that will work on my Win98 machine but not my NT machine, or it will work on the WindowsForWorkGroups machine but not on either of the 32-bit machines. I have no clue why. I may not be able to solve the problem, but I do want to know what problems you're having. So send email to Font Won't Work on my machine with the name of the font, what your operating system is, what you are trying to do (use the font in Word2000, for instance) and the exact wording of any error messages you get. Altho most times you won't get an error message. The computer just sits there and plays dumb.
Third reason: Scenario is this: I've opened a doc in Word, found a font I wanted to use was not in the FONTS subdirectory. I hunted down the font and installed it by click-n-drag into the Fonts subdirectory, but it still didn't appear in the dropdown list in Word. Open the Fonts subdirectory, then go back into Word. Most times, the font will now be in the dropdown list. When I'm building all the images for Fontage, I have to leave the Fonts subdirectory open, so the fonts will appear in Word and my graphics program.
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