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Frequently Asked Questions

Just how many true type fonts are there?

Too many! Would all you wonderful designers stop for a while so I could get caught up?

Where and how to contact me
Privacy Policy
Do you have this font?
Where can I get this font?
WHY do I keep changing things?
What size are the fonts in the pictures?
Can you match this font?
Are these PC only fonts?
If I can't download...
Copyright issues
Fonts with BT
Corel fonts
Just why am I doing this?

Privacy Policy
All your information is kept completely private and confidential. . . because I don't collect any. When I start collecting information, I'll put in a more detailed privacy policy.
Do you have this font?
I have an alphabetic listing. Use it. If it ain't there, it ain't there. Then watch the What's New pages and see if it shows up. With 15,000 fonts waiting in the wings, there should be something there. Soon. Honest.
Where can I get this font?
If it's a Corel font, from a Corel software disc somewhere. If there is a source on the Web, the copyright owner's name is linked to that site, or to a site where the font can be purchased. Go there. If it's not shown on the page, I don't know either.
Why do I keep changing things?
Primarily because I want to keep the number of fonts per page at a reasonable number. Otherwise it gets a bit much to load, a bit much to read. If I get a bunch of the same kind of font, I'll make a new subcategory. Sometimes I get more information, or better information, about a font, and I reclassify it, but that's not common.
What size are the fonts in the pictures?
The small pictures have fonts that vary in point size. I try to get a sample of the font so you can identify or recognize it, so I'll vary the size when I create the picture. The fonts on each font page are 24 point. Or at least that's what my software says I'm setting the point size to. Which means the size varies. I don't know enough about the font-making software to tell you why some stuff comes out the size of the state of Texas while others couldn't be found on a large map of Rhode Island. But if you use that font, you have a good idea how much you'll have to vary your settings to get a readable (I use that term loosely) font.
Can you match this font?
No. If you can't find it on my page, I probably won't be able to, either. They all get to be a blur after a while.
Are these PC only fonts?
These are True Type fonts only, primarily for use on Intel-based machines (also known as PCs). I understand you can now use TrueType fonts on Macs, but haven't heard anything or tested it myself. I'll let you know, as I am now the proud owner of an Apple iBook (yes!). There used to be a PostScript font archive but the creator has taken it down due to time considerations and legal problems. See my Copyright page.
If I have permission to distribute the font, the file will say "click on file name to download". It may also say "buy me" which connects to a site where you can buy the font. Those are your choices. That's it. See Copyright below.
Why do you have a font listed if I can't download it?
I get lots of requests about "I reformatted my computer and I lost this font. Do you know where I can get it?" I've also gotten email that says "I reformatted my computer and lost fonts. Your website helped me find the disc they were on." I've also been contacted by the copyright holder and given permission to distribute.
Why be concerned about copyright issues?
Why be concerned with having my page permanently shut down and facing theft of intellectual property lawsuits? I don't know. It seems like a good idea to me. Fontage has been up over ten years with minimal hassles because I'm overly careful (read: paranoid) about permissions. I've seen too many good font sites shut down because they put up copyrighted material. See also Copyright Page.
BT fonts
Any font with BT in its name is a Bitstream font, frequently available with Corel software. I do not have permission to distribute those. Bitstream would disassemble me for parts.
UPDATE Many (but not all) Bitstream fonts are available for sale at
Corel Fonts
See BT Fonts above, altho it would be Corel, not Bitstream, doing the disassembling. Actually, I met some Corel people at a recent convention. They thought Fontage was a cool idea. They were really disappointed they couldn't sell me a "just fonts" disc. UPDATE: Having written that several years ago, Corel must have gotten a clue because they issued a clip art and fonts disc. It was mostly "hey here's clip art! Oh, and by the way, here's a bunch of fonts." Having a life other than Fontage, I only got it recently. It's very nice.
Why am I doing this?
How about - I'm a masochist? Then again, why do font designers fight with Fontographer to design fonts? I guess we're all crazy together.
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