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Nick Curtis
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Nick Curtis has created lots and lots of freeware fonts, a lot more than are listed here. I'm also collecting (read: buying) some of his commercial fonts. Reading what my visitors are looking for and at, I realized Nick's commercial fonts are just what you're looking for.

According to notes found elsewhere on the 'Net, Nick stopped creating freeware fonts, one, because his site was self-supported (no ads, unlike Fontage (and I try to keep the ads off to the edges)) and:

"The second reason I will stop offering freeware is FONT PIRACY. As I write this, there are no fewer than three CDs (and probably more) being offered on eBay which contain some, if not most, of my freeware fonts. The "creators" of these CDs did not ask my permission to include my fonts, nor have they offered to share their profits with me. So, while it is costing me a substantial sum of money to give my fonts away, there are other people making money from my efforts." Now that just sucks. So, besides sucking up Nick's freeware fonts, I'm also collecting his commercial items

See also my Copyright page. (FYI, Fontage is being paid for by you nice people who click on the the ads. Thank you.)

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